Enda you're fired!

I visited my elderly parents today for Sunday dinner. As I drove up to their house a Garda car was parked at a neighbours. I asked my parents did they know it was there and had there been any trouble. Just then the neighbour called enquiring had they heard anything last night. Turns out two vehicles had been broken into. One was a van and it seems like the thieves were after power tools. The other was an ordinary car. The guards were called and it took them an hour to get there. I wondered about that. There is no longer a full-time Garda presence in our town. Cut backs! I live in the midlands and in one hour the thieves could easily have escaped to almost any corner of Ireland.
My mother tells me that when she was growing up there were five Garda stationed in the town. Since then the town has quadrupled in size and now there are no Gardai.
We are told by the government that crime is down, that there are no need for extra Gardai. Certainly crime may be down in Leinster House but out and around the country there is no law. Criminals know that there is a lack of policing. I don't blame the guards for this. They are doing the best they can with scarce resources. Even when they do manage to apprehend the criminal the judicial system will hand down too lenient sentences or reduce the sentences on appeal. And who thought up the idea of sentences running 'concurrently'? What sort of a maniac was he? Who's interest is best served by this? Certainly not the public. But we elect these idiots. We allow them to be our legislators. We are told they receive such generous salaries because they are top class! Really? Please!
You only have to become popular to be elected a politician.you have to be more qualified to apply for the dole than to become a politician. Indeed to qualify as a public representive in this country you only need to be one or more of the list below.
a.Own a pub
b.Be a member of a GAA club
c.Be the idiot smiling and nodding at funerals
The last crowd that vacated the Dail ,after bankrupting the country, left with generous pensions that they didn't have to contribute to in any way. We're constantly told by the establishment that we are paying for the high caliber politician. If these are high caliber then I suggest that we let idiots run the country. Let me finish by quoting from today's Irish Times.

Irish Times 23 June 2013
Taoiseach Enda Kenny, Government Ministers, TDs and Senators – even after modest salary cuts last year – are not just well paid. They are better paid than many others in society, whatever benchmark is used: national or international. Mr Kenny, with a salary of €200,000, earns more than British prime minister David Cameron, and Dáil deputies receive substantially more than their peers at Westminster or in Europe. The contrast in pay levels is striking, given the difference in population size of Ireland and Britain and the administrative responsibilities of their respective governments. But, given the weak and hugely over-indebted state of the Irish economy, in receipt of a €67 billion international bailout, the pay differential is impossible to justify.

While politicians might try to justify their pay( never mind their expenses) I'll simply end the argument with.
"Don't they know that' there's a recession on? We,the tax payer,can't afford to pay ye. I'm afraid we'll have to let you go! You're fired!"



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