Anxiety  Most people if they are honest have suffered with anxiety at some stage in their life. In truth we all live with anxiety. It is actually an essential way to feel because anxiety tells us that we have something to worry about, something that we need to be aware of that could be potentially harmful to our wellbeing. Anxiety is useful when it gives us important information but it is bad when it becomes debilitating.  Ball of Anxiety People who have suffered with anxiousness have inadvertently trained themselves to respond with a sense of powerlessness. They can be overwhelmed with worry from time to time or indeed live with the constant  ball of anxiety in the pit of their stomach. Asked why they are anxious they may not know. Anxiety leads to a paralysis of the mind. Every day tasks become undoable. Often the person will simply withdraw and stay in bed.  The part of the mind that is responding to the world and to life, that is causing this anxiety is the Subconscious mind. T
I was listening to the radio recently and I heard an email from a listener. The person described themselves as a "functioning alcoholic". The didn't seem to label themselves as just an "alcholic". They thought because they were going about their daily business they were "functioning". The person convinced themselves because of all the stuff they did daily it wasn't affecting them. For someone that 's alcohol dependent they see their world quite literally through rose tinted glasses. The don't know or see what their work colleagues, partner or even children see. The person went on to explain they didn't always have a drink in the morning but wouldn't go pass lunch without drink and that would continue all afternoon. The mentioned that the house couldn't be without drink. It was quite a long email and throughout the email the wording "I NEED" was said over and over. This person was not a functioning alcoholic the

Consciousness is but the tip of the ice berg.

                 Consciousness is but the tip of the ice berg. Your mind works on numerous levels. But there are two levels that many of you will be familiar with, namely the 'conscious' and the 'subconscious.' The conscious is that part of your mind that awakens up when your body wakes up in the morning. It makes most of your daily decisions, such as what you will have for breakfast and who you will speak to over the course of your day, etc. It's the part of your mind that likes to think that it is in control. But there is a deeper mind, the subconscious, which makes all of your automated decisions. You don't have to relearn how to walk each morning or how to drive your car, your subconscious does that for you. It is the part of your mind that shapes your attitude to life; it is highly emotional charged and remembers everything. Therefore your subconscious is your greater mind. It actually runs all of your life systems be they physical or mental. So wh

Time Travel is possible

Time travel is possible Time travel is possible. We are constantly travelling through time and from the beginning from the moment of conception it is fraught with stress. Stress is there from the start. From conception onward we are challenged by stress. We must grow and develop, our cells must duplicate and multiply so that we grow from nothing into a fully formed human being in as little as 9 months. And it's not over then for we have to endure the pressure Labour, been forced down the birth canal, our little newly formed hearts beating at a million miles an hour. We are brought kicking and screaming into this world only then for some doctor to smack us hard across the rear as if to welcome us into the 'real world'.  From day one we integrate those experiences and all subsequent events in our life and we continue to grow and develop as human beings. We always come up against stress and if we deal with it successfully it never becomes a problem and we evolve. B

Stop Smoking

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How to interpret a dream link:

Coaching through dreams is a remarkable new form of coaching developed by Paul Gill. It involves monitoring and recording your dreams over a specific time period and then working through the information provided in those dreams with Paul Gill Dream Coach. I will take you through your dreams helping you decipher the hidden information and challenge you on how to use that to resolve a problem/ achieve the goal that you want. The dream will contain embedded information and clues as to what the current situation is. Then as we progress through the coaching program I will program your mind through hypnosis to come up a solution in the form of a hypnotic dream. The beauty of this is that dreams come form the subconscious part of the mind which sees things in a very different light to the conscious mind. Psychologists believe that the subconscious accounts for up to two thirds of all mental activity. So it can be said to be your 'greater mind'. It will highlight issues and make a