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Time Travel is possible

Time travel is possible
Time travel is possible. We are constantly travelling through time and from the beginning from the moment of conception it is fraught with stress. Stress is there from the start. From conception onward we are challenged by stress. We must grow and develop, our cells must duplicate and multiply so that we grow from nothing into a fully formed human being in as little as 9 months. And it's not over then for we have to endure the pressure Labour, been forced down the birth canal, our little newly formed hearts beating at a million miles an hour. We are brought kicking and screaming into this world only then for some doctor to smack us hard across the rear as if to welcome us into the 'real world'.  From day one we integrate those experiences and all subsequent events in our life and we continue to grow and develop as human beings. We always come up against stress and if we deal with it successfully it never becomes a problem and we evolve. But what if …