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The Choices we make

Giving away your power "to choose" is in itself a choice. When you become fearful of doing the wrong thing or making the wrong decision it is easier to give that power of choosing to someone else. Typically it could be a parent, a spouse, a friend, a boss, a church. When you become fearful of making mistakes you give your power away. Choosing not to choose is a choice. Choosing to let someone else choose for you is a choice. Sometimes people go to therapist hoping to be told what to do! "Tell me what to do with my life... Tell me what to say". Phone lines are hopping up and down the country as physic phone lines are rung as people seek to be told how their future is going to pan out. It's ridiculous! You make your future and no-one else! Imagine turning to the person right beside you now and asking "tell me what I'm going to do?" They might very well respond before walking away (very quickly) "I don't know! I'm not inside your head! I