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When you can only remember part of your dream...

Another dream that was sent to me during the week was quite short. Often times dreams are like this. Sometimes it's just a segment of the dream that is remembered and the rest is forgotten. The dreamer may be aware that there was more to the dream but won't be able to quite put their finger on it. Such a dream as this arrived on my website. Simply put the dream was this. "last night I had a dream where all I can remember is my mother calling my name. She called my name just once and so very clearly. I awoke with a fright. It was 5:20 am and I considered calling her but then thought not in case I panicked her at that time of the morning. It was all very real". In one way this dream is easy to interpret. There is only one character in it and there is only one focus of attention. Whatever about the content that is forgotten we can reasonably assume that it has to do with the dreamer and her mother. That was my starting point. What is the relationship like between mother

Recording of Dreams from blogger 2 Oct 2012

Recording of Dreams from blogger 2 Oct 2012


Dreams are a mirror into your soul. What you dream about at night reflects your inner most thinking , your hopes, fears and desires. I must clarify at this point that your subconscious mind while been part of your whole mind , really is a mind of its own. The important thing to remember is that your dreams are an honest expression of your inner most thoughts regardless of whether you like them or not. Very often you may dream of things that horrify or disgust you. You may dream of things of a sexual nature about people who would never in a million years become involved with, even if they were the last person on earth. Or dream of being with somebody whom you shouldn't be with. These are honest expressions of a primitive yet very clever subconscious. There is a rule in psychology that states: "what you resist, persists!" Let suppose you had a dream that you end up in bed with your neighbours partner. Now in real waking life you would vehemently deny thinking about such