When you can only remember part of your dream...

Another dream that was sent to me during the week was quite short. Often times dreams are like this. Sometimes it's just a segment of the dream that is remembered and the rest is forgotten. The dreamer may be aware that there was more to the dream but won't be able to quite put their finger on it. Such a dream as this arrived on my website. Simply put the dream was this. "last night I had a dream where all I can remember is my mother calling my name. She called my name just once and so very clearly. I awoke with a fright. It was 5:20 am and I considered calling her but then thought not in case I panicked her at that time of the morning. It was all very real". In one way this dream is easy to interpret. There is only one character in it and there is only one focus of attention. Whatever about the content that is forgotten we can reasonably assume that it has to do with the dreamer and her mother. That was my starting point. What is the relationship like between mother and daughter? In what way was the mother calling her daughters name? Why do you think that she was calling your name? This lady answered that she felt that her mother was calling her by way of guidance. It was as if she was calling her out of a maze, showing her the way out. It turns out that she had always a very good relationship with her mother but in recent years it had become a bit strained because of her father. She was continually at odds with her father and had stopped calling to the family home. As a result she didn't see her mother as often as she would have liked to and the relationship had become more distant. There were other problems too in the dreamers life. Whereas before she would have confided in her mother she didn't now. In summary her subconscious was telling her that she needed to reconnect with her mother and thus ease the tensions that had been accumulating. This is an example of the deeper mind giving a short sharp message to the consciousness. Whenever you have a dream where you abruptly awaken take note of exactly what happened at that point and how you felt about it. This is very likely the key to understanding the whole dream. It's what I refer to in my book The Definite book of Dreams as 'the punchline".


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