Dreams are a mirror into your soul. What you dream about at night reflects your inner most thinking , your hopes, fears and desires.
I must clarify at this point that your subconscious mind while been part of your whole mind , really is a mind of its own. The important thing to remember is that your dreams are an honest expression of your inner most thoughts regardless of whether you like them or not.
Very often you may dream of things that horrify or disgust you. You may dream of things of a sexual nature about people who would never in a million years become involved with, even if they were the last person on earth. Or dream of being with somebody whom you shouldn't be with. These are honest expressions of a primitive yet very clever subconscious. There is a rule in psychology that states:
"what you resist, persists!"
Let suppose you had a dream that you end up in bed with your neighbours partner. Now in real waking life you would vehemently deny thinking about such a thing. So why would you dream of such a thing if you would never do it?
The answer is simple. As human beings we are attractive to and are attracted by other human beings. This is the mechanism by which we find ourselves relationships. Even when you are in a relationship this mechanism is never switched off. You will always notice attractive people. What you wish to do about that is an entirely different thing. Here's another rule in psychology:
"in order to dismiss a thought the mind has to consider that very thing in order not to think about it"
Don't think about Justin Bieber.
What just happened? A thought of Justin Bieber just popped into your mind.
Don't think of that sexy attractive person you just saw walking down the street!
Same thing! The more you try not to think of them the more they occupy your thoughts.
What happens at night is that your subconscious is still thinking about them. At this stage your conscious mind is asleep so there's nothing to stop you. You will quite likely dream some fantasy and usually after that they are purged from your mind. In time they may be replaced by some other attractive person. But if you constantly dream of being with somebody else or somebody you should not be with then I would suggest that you are unhappy in your current relationship and you need to take an honest look at that.



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