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Consciousness is but the tip of the ice berg.

                 Consciousness is but the tip of the ice berg. Your mind works on numerous levels. But there are two levels that many of you will be familiar with, namely the 'conscious' and the 'subconscious.' The conscious is that part of your mind that awakens up when your body wakes up in the morning. It makes most of your daily decisions, such as what you will have for breakfast and who you will speak to over the course of your day, etc. It's the part of your mind that likes to think that it is in control. But there is a deeper mind, the subconscious, which makes all of your automated decisions. You don't have to relearn how to walk each morning or how to drive your car, your subconscious does that for you. It is the part of your mind that shapes your attitude to life; it is highly emotional charged and remembers everything. Therefore your subconscious is your greater mind. It actually runs all of your life systems be they physical or mental. So wh