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Like a child waiting for Santa at Christmas This is what I feel like every time I put my head on my pillow to go asleep at night. I'm expecting great dreams and I can't wait to explore them. Often I'm still pondering, exploring and gaining an understanding of these dreams well into the morning long past time to get up. I love it when I don't have to get up in the morning. Then I can pop in and out of a dream and spend hours on it to fully understand its meaning. Frequently, because other people tend to get up early, I can be disturbed out of a dream. I hate when this happens! However I've been able to train myself, just using one eye and one hand to text the offender to inform them that I'm dreaming and not available. I count this as part of my work! So in a way I'm working at a much earlier time than those who disturbed me:) HD quality dreaming But in truth I'm constantly fascinated not just by the content of my dreams but also by 'how' I dre


Location, location, location! The importance of self in a dream cannot be overstated. Firstly the dream takes place inside 'selfs' mind. Secondly everything and everybody in the dream are an aspect of self. There is nobody else inside of your mind but you. Therefore everything is you. Even though you may have a dream complete with characters whom you know by name they not only represent themselves in the dream but also some part of you. In order to come to terms with how this is so we need to examine the dream. One of the first things that I look for in a dream is the location. In what location does the dream take place? is it in a field, a school, a house that you know, near a body of water such as a lake, the sea or a swimming pool. Sometimes this is very easy to identify. It may be one specific area or an amalgamation of places. Don't get caught up for the moment that the places are not identical to what they look like in reality. For example in a dream houses may be on

The Witch

Symbolism in dreams Carl Jung was a Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist would conducted a a lot of work on the collective unconscious. He proposed among other things that we are all connected through our minds. He restated what mystics and gurus had been saying for an eternity. He said that archetypal imagery or symbols occurred in dreams that were universally understood. While this can be said to be true symbols in dreams are often unique to the dreamer. There are images such as a witch or a monster which can represent wicked mother or father but to interpret a dream strictly within the confines of these "by the book" meanings is not sufficient. Let's say for example that the dreamer had perfectly harmonious relationships with both parents. Now the dream doesn't make sense, doesn't fit the guidelines. To gain a proper understanding of the true meaning of the dream the dream itself needs to be dissected. Let's stay with the witch dream. Suppose the dream was a