Like a child waiting for Santa at Christmas
This is what I feel like every time I put my head on my pillow to go asleep at night. I'm expecting great dreams and I can't wait to explore them. Often I'm still pondering, exploring and gaining an understanding of these dreams well into the morning long past time to get up. I love it when I don't have to get up in the morning. Then I can pop in and out of a dream and spend hours on it to fully understand its meaning. Frequently, because other people tend to get up early, I can be disturbed out of a dream. I hate when this happens! However I've been able to train myself, just using one eye and one hand to text the offender to inform them that I'm dreaming and not available. I count this as part of my work! So in a way I'm working at a much earlier time than those who disturbed me:)
HD quality dreaming
But in truth I'm constantly fascinated not just by the content of my dreams but also by 'how' I dream. For example, a while back I was in 'Currys' in Galway checking out High Definition televisions.
I was observing the difference between 2 televisions standing side by side. One was HD, the other regular. I was struck by the difference between the two. Later that night I had a dream in high definition. I'd never realised before that I wasn't dreaming in HD. I was only, now, able to dream in HD because I had just become aware of what HD was that very day. Now many of my dreams are in HD. A similar phenomena was evident years ago when many people didn't dream in colour. That was partly due to the fact that television back then was for the most part broadcast in black and white.
No more UFOs or Dragons then!
And just this week I learned that UFO sightings are on the wane. Sightings took off in the 1960s and continued to soar right up until the late 1990s. Strangely enough this coincides with the launch of the space program by the USA and Russia respectively. Also it became more difficult to fake sightings because digital photography made it next to impossible to throw a saucepan lid into the air, snap it and say that you'd just taken a picture of a flying saucer. Funnily enough the amount of 'dragon' sightings has dried up too. Up to a couple of hundred years ago people where spotting dragons on a regular basis. Now maybe they became 'extinct' and that's the reason but its more likely that people tend to imagine and dream about what's in their minds. Hence my HD television dream experience.
So when you lie down to sleep tonight you will inevitably dream about whatever fills your mind,wether that's trivial stuff or more important stuff it doesn't matter. What matters is that dreaming can tell you an extraordinary amount about yourself and the world that you live in, your perception of it anyways. And since we spend about one third of our lives sleeping (more in my case) that's a lot of life you're missing out on if you choose to ignore it. Talk to you soon:)


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