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Act, don't React!

I had a conversation with a friend of mine last week and he was saying how he’s decided not to follow football anymore. Now my friend has been an ardent fan of Man Utd since he was a kid. In fact it’s more accurate to say that he was born into a Man Utd family! When I asked him why after all these years he was quitting football (as a spectator) he said it was because of Wayne Rooney. He said that with all the uncertainty and controversy over whether he was staying, or going, or whatever, he found himself to be in dire humor all week! When he stood back and thought about it he wondered why should his relationship with his wife, kids and work colleagues suffer because of a young guy in England who played football???? If he wasn’t so good at football he’d probably be just a young lout hanging round the streets of Liverpool! Just because he’s a good footballer in England does not mean that he should have such sway and influence over my life here! That got me thinking, how much our lives ar

The world as You are.

Think about the chair that you’re sitting on at this moment. How did it get there/ I don’t mean did you just bring it in from somewhere else, but rather how did it come into existence? That chair was once nothing more than an idea, a thought in someone’s head. Like most thoughts it could have passed unnoticed to be replaced by another thought and sow on. But the thinker of this thought actually did something with it. Perhaps drew a rough picture of what it might look like. Maybe showed it to a friend or a work colleague for some feed back. Then took it somewhere else where it eventually found it’s way into been made and as a result of that you are now sitting on someone else’s thought! If that is true of the chair then it is true of everything else in your life whether physical or otherwise. You create your life with your thoughts. With this in mind have a look at your life and see just what kind of thinking must be going on to make the life that you live. We consciously think things b

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The Choices we make

Giving away your power "to choose" is in itself a choice. When you become fearful of doing the wrong thing or making the wrong decision it is easier to give that power of choosing to someone else. Typically it could be a parent, a spouse, a friend, a boss, a church. When you become fearful of making mistakes you give your power away. Choosing not to choose is a choice. Choosing to let someone else choose for you is a choice. Sometimes people go to therapist hoping to be told what to do! "Tell me what to do with my life... Tell me what to say". Phone lines are hopping up and down the country as physic phone lines are rung as people seek to be told how their future is going to pan out. It's ridiculous! You make your future and no-one else! Imagine turning to the person right beside you now and asking "tell me what I'm going to do?" They might very well respond before walking away (very quickly) "I don't know! I'm not inside your head! I