Act, don't React!

I had a conversation with a friend of mine last week and he was saying how he’s decided not to follow football anymore. Now my friend has been an ardent fan of Man Utd since he was a kid. In fact it’s more accurate to say that he was born into a Man Utd family! When I asked him why after all these years he was quitting football (as a spectator) he said it was because of Wayne Rooney. He said that with all the uncertainty and controversy over whether he was staying, or going, or whatever, he found himself to be in dire humor all week! When he stood back and thought about it he wondered why should his relationship with his wife, kids and work colleagues suffer because of a young guy in England who played football???? If he wasn’t so good at football he’d probably be just a young lout hanging round the streets of Liverpool! Just because he’s a good footballer in England does not mean that he should have such sway and influence over my life here!
That got me thinking, how much our lives are dependant on what other people are doing. What or why should it matter to me who Wayne Rooney plays for? Why Cheryl Cole said such a thing on X factor, or who’s shacking up with who in the celeb world? When your mood depends on someone else, then you are effectively helpless!
Bring it closer to home. How is it that we react spontaneously to our partner, kids, friends, employer etc? You‘ve often heard it said “So in so is after putting me in a bad mood”. That’s not true!! You can only put yourself in a bad mood! We can never control other people but we can control how we react to them. There are so many ways to react to someone. Choose an appropriate reaction. When you do you will find a level of contentment within yourself that stays with you throughout the day. Take responsibility for the way you feel. With responsibility comes power and control. Live life on your terms!


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