The Choices we make

Giving away your power "to choose" is in itself a choice. When you become fearful of doing the wrong thing or making the wrong decision it is easier to give that power of choosing to someone else. Typically it could be a parent, a spouse, a friend, a boss, a church. When you become fearful of making mistakes you give your power away. Choosing not to choose is a choice. Choosing to let someone else choose for you is a choice. Sometimes people go to therapist hoping to be told what to do! "Tell me what to do with my life... Tell me what to say". Phone lines are hopping up and down the country as physic phone lines are rung as people seek to be told how their future is going to pan out. It's ridiculous! You make your future and no-one else! Imagine turning to the person right beside you now and asking "tell me what I'm going to do?"
They might very well respond before walking away (very quickly) "I don't know! I'm not inside your head! I don't know what you're thinking!"
You create your future through your actions. Your actions are as a result of your thought process. You decide on your thoughts. You choose which thoughts to think.
If you're sitting on a chair at this moment consider this: That chair was once a thought inside someone's head. Someone at some point in time had the idea of that chair come into their head. They considered the thought and probably took some action such as making a drawing or talking it out with someone. Eventually because of that and other actions that chair got made and now you're sitting on it. You are sitting on what was once a thought! Now take a look around you. In your life you are surrounded by the results of your thinking. The life you have and live today is a direct result of the way you think and have been thinking for years. You have created it, deliberately or accidentally, but you have created it. Through the choices you've made, deliberately or other, you have created your own reality.
Now this is the stage where some people interject with, "But it was because of my up-bringing, my dysfunctional childhood!" Yes, that's true, that's perfectly true. You are the way you are because of the way you reacted to that "dysfunctional childhood"
You made choices about how you felt back then in those circumstances and you're still making choices about it. You cannot change what is already done, you can't change the past, but you can change how you feel about it. That is your choice and it rests with you now! You can make choices and decisions now about your past that can mean you're no longer a victim of that past. You can choose to change your thinking now to mean that you're no longer a prisoner of that past. You can do that now!
Many people say "I can't forget my past. It's part of who I am, it's made me who I am". I'm not asking you forget your past. I'm asking you to acknowledge it and move on. Imagine you're sitting in a boat and you're watching the waves fan out behind. Wave after wave making nice ripples that spread out in a nice "V" shape behind the boat. The effect can be quite hypnotic! But if you don't turn around and look where the boat is going you're gonna crash! This is exactly what you're doing if your living your life by constantly thinking about the past. It's much better to turn around and decide where you want to go from here!


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