The world as You are.

Think about the chair that you’re sitting on at this moment. How did it get there/ I don’t mean did you just bring it in from somewhere else, but rather how did it come into existence? That chair was once nothing more than an idea, a thought in someone’s head. Like most thoughts it could have passed unnoticed to be replaced by another thought and sow on. But the thinker of this thought actually did something with it. Perhaps drew a rough picture of what it might look like. Maybe showed it to a friend or a work colleague for some feed back. Then took it somewhere else where it eventually found it’s way into been made and as a result of that you are now sitting on someone else’s thought! If that is true of the chair then it is true of everything else in your life whether physical or otherwise. You create your life with your thoughts. With this in mind have a look at your life and see just what kind of thinking must be going on to make the life that you live. We consciously think things but we also subconsciously think things. If this is a situation or circumstance that is recurring in your life what kind of thoughts would need to be in place to support that situation? You see you do actually create your own reality. You do live in exactly the same world as Bill Gates, Richard Branson or Bill Cullen. You live on the very same planet! But is your experience of living, of life exactly the same as theirs? Probably not! But why not? Well you could say that they have more money than me! True, but they didn’t always. What makes a difference is their attitude the way they see things and how they react.

The way that you think contains all of your problems and solutions because in order for something to be recognised as a problem by your mind it must run contradictory to the thinking of that mind. If that be the case then you know why it is a problem and you also know, at some level, what would have to happen to resolve that problem. You can either change the thought that is causing the problem or change your reaction to that thought.

You don’t see the world as it is but rather as how you are. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner state of mind. Now every thought is there in your mind for a reason. Every though contains a positive intent regardless of whether it has a negative outcome. You can get to know your mind and befriend it!


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