Give up Smoking using Hypnotherapy

Give up Smoking using Hypnotherapy
Ash Wednesdsay is the  most popular time for giving up smoking. 
Most people who give up cigarettes on that day are not successful. 
They go through hell using will-power trying to distract themselves 
from the fact that they feel deprived and unable to function without 
cigarettes. Eventually after a few days they give in, feeling resigned
 to the fact that they are addicted for the time being or at least until 
next New Years' Eve.
The reason it's so hard is because of the way the human mind works. 
The mind works on a conscious level and a subconscious level. At a
 conscious level the mind makes a decision to give up smoking, but 
the subconscious still continues to do its job and run the habit. The 
mind works on many levels but for simplicity sake let's say two levels,
 namely the Conscious and the Subconscious. The conscious is the 
part of your mind you use mostly during the day. You make conscious 
decisions with it, use it to speak to people and do all those other things 
you do on a daily basis. It accounts for about 15% of your mental abilities. 
The subconscious is a much greater mind. It never sleeps, doesn't have to! 
It the part of your mind that creates dreams for you while your body and
 your consciousness sleeps. The subconscious contains all of your memories 
and experiences; it's an emotional mind, stores all your attitudes to life and 
most importantly runs all of your habits!
This is because any behaviour - whether it's smoking or even moving an arm
 or a leg - must have a thought process behind it. Even something as natural 
as walking has a subconscious thought pattern behind it. Smoking is the same.
Remember back to your first cigarette? Where was it? Behind the bicycle 
shed at school? The back of the disco or dance hall? Wherever it was your
 first reaction to that cigarette was probably to cough violently and feel like 
throwing up and your head spinning. That was because your immune system 
reacted to the toxin you were attempting to put into your body. Now usually 
there is a good reason to start smoking at such an early age. You want to fit 
in with your friends; you want to be more grown up, feel like an adult. There
 is a strong emotional reason attached to wanting to smoke. This is important 
because when ever there is a strong emotional reason to do something the
 subconscious mind sits up and takes notice. You persist with trying to smoke 
and your subconscious mind installs a habit for you to make it easier, like 
walking, you don't have to think about it.
Quitting smoking using hypnosis takes just 1 session.

Paul Gill  
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  2. Hypnosis is effective because it helps smokers develop habits that are consistent with their smoking cessation goal.
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  3. We can program our brain to leave a particular habit. It is done by meditation and self realization techniques. It is not that easy as it sounds to be. But, it is very effective if done correctly and its success rate is 75%

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