Coaching through dreams is a remarkable new form of coaching developed by Paul Gill. It involves monitoring and recording your dreams over a specific time period and then working through the information provided in those dreams with Paul Gill Dream Coach.
I will take you through your dreams helping you decipher the hidden information and challenge you on how to use that to resolve a problem/ achieve the goal that you want. The dream will contain embedded information and clues as to what the current situation is. Then as we progress through the coaching program I will program your mind through hypnosis to come up a solution in the form of a hypnotic dream. The beauty of this is that dreams come form the subconscious part of the mind which sees things in a very different light to the conscious mind. Psychologists believe that the subconscious accounts for up to two thirds of all mental activity. So it can be said to be your 'greater mind'. It will highlight issues and make a problem out of them but it also contains the solution to those very same problems. We get into difficulties when we try to use our limited conscious thinking to resolve matters that are simply too great. 
As we progress through the sessions you will learn how to harness the enormous unlimited potential of your deeper mind and learn to set goals that will both satisfy you and give you that knowingness that if you can dream about it you can achieve it.   

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